Training program for beginners in the weight section

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About Course

I have collaborated with Sean Coetzee, a qualified trainer with a BA in sport science and BSc Honours in performance sport, to help you dominate the weight section.

I have asked him to design an easy-to-use program for beginners to encourage more women to lift, and not spend excessive hours doing HITT or running on a treadmill. Not only will this program help you get stronger and build muscle, but it will also help you to build a healthy relationship with exercise.

Included in the program, is a video for every single exercise of me demonstrating the movement, Sean explaining what cue’s to look out for and what muscle group you are targeting. This will help you better understand why you are doing the specific movement.

I have specifically designed it this way so you don’t spend hours searching youtube how to do a movement, or googling programs to see what works for you. This program is great for women of any age, and you adapt it to weight you are comfortable with. The stronger you get, the more weight you can add (and trust me, there’s no better feeling!)



R850 once off

Includes lifetime access

Discounts on other future programs



8-12 week program consisting of 4 training days a week & one active recovery day (cardio/stretching)

2 x upper body days and 2 x lower body days

Video material of each movement

Email support 

Bi-weekly check in’s

Course Content

Day 1

  • (1)1 Neutral Grip Assisted Pull Up
  • (1)2 Flat Barbell Bench Press
  • (1)3 Bent over Barbell Rows
  • (1)4 Overhead Barbell Military Press
  • (1)5 Incline Bench Dumbell Spider Curl
  • (1)6 Single Arm Overhead Cable Tricep Extension
  • (1)7 Dumbell Lateral Raises
  • (1)8 Ab Crunches

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Course Material