Glorious nightlights – the perfect addition for any kiddies room. We struggled a lot with James waking up screaming. It was horrible! That screech that sends shivers up your spine. Even though we knew he was fine, i got such a fright every time. We soon realized his room is far too dark and he doesn’t like it at all. He was too young to tell us, but we figured it out. We tried a cheap nightlight we bought at a shop in the mall, but it was way too bright, so it woke him up constantly. Then, i found this.


A beautiful cloud nightlight with soft, warm LED lights made by hand by Simply Child. It lights up enough of the room without being bright at all, but the warm soothing light calms them rather than stimulates them. James refuses to sleep without the light now and I gotta say, no more night terrors or screaming. And just in time, because I have no clue how I would have handled James’ constant waking and Jaxson with his night feeds! Yes, this is a little pricey but I would pay it a thousand times over for the peaceful nights it has given us. It’s the perfect addition too when you need to do the transition from cot to toddler bed. It helps so much! #LifeSaver (And no, I am in no way paid to say this. I don’t bullshit my followers.)

And since Simply Child are feeling quite generous, they are offering the following deal to all our followers. Use code “JAMESANDJAX” for 20{2af203cb18ca441c33234f223b9efa5bf378f5c366c3c1ee6189ac2a9ce49250} off!

Follow link to purchase:

Here is what they say about this light on their website:

The locally-made Simply Child wooden night lights are skillfully-crafted and made with love and care for the most important little people to be able to sleep soundly at night.

The lights use LED strips which do not generate heat and are safe for children. They come with a 2-prong power adapter, so no batteries are needed. They are made from MDF wood and have a smooth white spray paint finish.  Our lights have been tested on children that fear the dark. They emit enough light to make the kids feel safe and calm and are not too bright to keep them awake. A warm soft glow helps children drift off to sleep peacefully.”