Coping. The one word i have been hearing over and over and over. “How are you coping – with pregnancy, with James, with work?” Man i gotta tell you, it’s NO walk in the park. They say each pregnancy is different – SO true.

Winter has not treated us well. I have been super sick most of the time and finally i am feeling well again (touch wood!). Because I have been sick, obviously hubby got sick, James got sick and the house was all germ-infected and medicine on each table. We all better – for now! (again, touch wood)

(PS : I wrote the above paragraph a couple of days before being admitted to hospital/ICU for almost a week. More on that in another post.)


So how has the pregnancy been?

At first, easy. Had minimal morning sickness and food aversions. My bump grew much bigger than it did with James but i heard that’s normal with second pregnancies. I started feeling bad around June. First episode of flu came and went, but man i felt terrible!

And July? Gosh don’t even get me started. Throat infection, severe bronchitis and a belly that kept growing by the day. At this point i have gained 10kg and i can feel it on my hips. It hurts! I have been getting terrible “lightning crotch” (cannot believe that’s the term for it) and if i am too active during the day, my lower back is in such pain i could cry. Jaxson is so big right now and he is down very low. I can feel his head is engaged and his body loves to move from side to side. Luckily because he is so low, he isn’t near my ribs with his bum like James was, so my ribs are getting a break this time around.

I have about 4 shirts, 3 dresses and 2 coats that fit me. Oh and 3 maternity leggings and one has a hole in it (Don’t even know how it got there!). Since i work at home, i stay in my pajamas A.K.A hubby’s shirts and hoodies. Shame, he has been such a rock star with me. Today i feel great. I have my good and bad days but every day i remain so thankful!

How have you been coping with James and being pregnant?

DAY BY DAY! That’s the best way to describe it. He is 2 and a half so he has his days. I must say, he has actually been really caring and compassionate. He has his rough-i-am-a-boy days, but those aren’t half as bad as some kids i have seen at 2 and a half. He is rough with me when we play but i remind him to be careful and he will kiss and hug my tummy saying “Sorry Boetie Jaxson”. I bought him a baby doll at Game around 4 months ago to help him learn about babies. He has been changing the babies diaper, feeding him and also consoling the baby when it’s apparently crying. I cannot help but laugh… even wraps the baby in a blankie! James understands that Jaxson has his own room, clothes and all of that jazz. He has been adjusting really well to the changes that has been happening except… he has been waking up around 3AM every morning to come lie by us. He cries for me and wants to cuddle with me. We are working on it – 2 weeks to get him back to sleeping in his bed all night! (Any tips???)

Blogger, Business Owner, Wife, Mother and Pregnant??

Yes! It’s hard. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m a little more forgetful and i take longer to do certain things but i am trying every day to juggle it all. It’s a rollercoaster ride but absolutely worth it. I have some very understanding clients, a hubby that helps where he can and a great support system. Gotta make it all work! I have my break downs. I cry and i cry. But i get up, wipe those salty tears and move the hell along.


How do i balance it?

I work from home. I edit during the week, create content for my blogs in the week and then i get James at school around 3pm every day. Hubby gets home at 6pm and we have adapted to a routine that works for us. I get dinner ready, we eat, he baths James, i get everything ready for James for bed, get him dressed and lie with him until he falls asleep. This routine will probably change drastically when Jaxson comes but we will tackle that when it comes. I love making lists, so if i need to get stuff done, i make a list! I might forget where i put the damn list but hey, i tried and it worked for a few hours to make me feel a lot more organized than I am.

Anyhoo… This was my little life update and hopefully answers some of the questions i have been receiving. Do you have a question for me? Want me to elaborate on anything you read? Just leave a comment below or email me any time.

Lots of love,

James’ (and Jax’) mom. x x