Oh man, birthdays are my fave! I have always loved birthdays – not just mine but anybody around me. I have always gone all out and celebrated whoever’s birthday with all my heart. So naturally, my kids birthdays are no different!

This year, James chose a LEGO party. Super cool theme and so much you can do! Last year I started working with Boutique Petite and I got them to help out with James’ party now too. It just makes everything so much easier and absolutely no stress for me. Would I ever do it on my own again? NEVER. Boutique Petit has a customer for life now (seriously.)

So they got to work, I paid what needed to be paid and they put together the most spectacular party for our little (big) James. They were there bright and early setting up and making sure everything is perfect.

They drove around getting all the nitty gritty, the dealt with the suppliers and they made sure that it all came together as it should. I just cannot thank them enough. I had time to get ready without rushing, to put my kids down for their mid afternoon nap and to just enjoy the day which is rare as I am always running around getting everything ready and making sure I didn’t forget anything.

Anyway, enjoy the images below! Suppliers will be mentioned underneath the gallery. (Yes, they are all pretty damn awesome.)


Boutique Petit (Kiddies Party Planner)

Happinest Hire (Kiddies Furniture Hire)

Fairy Cakes (All treats on candy table)

Mick Creative (Photographer)

Lemon Salt (All stationary)

Cape Town Balloon (Balloon Arch)

Party Pinata (LEGO head Pinata)