If you know me, you will know I struggle with dry skin. It’s horrible and I cannot stand it to be honest. I have been on so many different products and used almost every popular high end and more affordable brand. Seriously – I tried most of them. Then one day, I saw @homewithadi post about Katavi and her great results. I was pretty fascinated!

I messaged Katavi asking if their products are for dry skin. Or if they have anything for dry skin. They then sent me a sample pack to try and a note that explained how to use what when. I followed the steps on day 1 and I was…. well, pleasantly surprised. My skin looked dewy and plump. I didn’t get my hopes up yet as I barely tried it but as the days went on and my samples became depleted, I was hooked.

So, what was the verdict?

My skin was in incredible condition! Soft to the touch, glowy and it looked healthy. Best part? My makeup applied so smoothly! Even better part? My skin felt so lovely, that this make up junkie didn’t even want to wear makeup. Fresh, happy and healthy skin.

The support you receive from the Katavi team blew my mind. I had some concerns after a very hot beach weekend away and they were so quick to help and advise how I should adjust my routine. (YESSS to continued support from a brand even after you have bought the product.)

So, here’s a snipbit off their website :

“Katavi Botanicals is a truly unique, all-natural skin care range. All-natural ingredients. Contain no parabens or harmful chemical toxins. Katavi skin care products specifically target the noticeable effects of environmental stress on our skin. Our proprietary formulas harness antioxidant-rich extracts from our Big 5 “cosmetic superfruits” of Africa.”

Can you love them even more?

Note – they don’t only sell face products, but they sell products for your entire body and wellbeing. Browse their site to see all of the incredible scrubs, creams and everything in between.

So, what have I been using?

The products I use will be in the images below but I use everything in the starter kit. I will link it here so you can have a look at it on their website. https://katavisouthafrica.co.za/product/starter-pack/

I am going to add in here what my favorite make-up products are that doesn’t make my dry skin look worse.

Right now I am loving Smashbox 15 hour wear hydrating foundation. I use the Smashbox Primerizer underneath as well as their primer water. I feel the combo of these three products just work so well together! I use a beauty sponge to press the foundation into my skin and sometimes I add a drop of hydrating oil for a more dewy glow. I also use Benefit Hoola bronzer, a variety of MAC blushes and the Hyper Glow highlighter trio from MAC. All of these are my basic face makeup products that work well together on my skin – for now 🙂

Dry skin will always be a challenge but I am so thankful to have FINALLY found a brand that works, even though it took me almost 10 years. Look after your skin ladies, it is VITAL. It’s never too late, but just start and feed your skin – it will be so worth it when you are older!