Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

I have had a couple weeks now to truly test out the Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine and I can finally share my opinions with all of you. Breastfeeding mama’s, this one isn’t for you. To all the formula feeding moms, keep reading and find the info to our competition so you can win one for yourself…

I was sceptic at first. I thought the machine mixes the formula in too – so how does this really help me when a flask of water standing on my counter will do?

You choose the amount of formula you want to mix. Starts at 120ml and goes up to 330ml. We usually do 150ml as Amelia seems to only drink around that much. This machine dispenses boiling water first – just a little bit. The machine then stops dispensing water so you can add the formula you need and then you shake that bottle to mix it all in. Then, you put it back, press that button again and it dispenses cool water to make the bottle the PERFECT temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. Like baby bear’s porridge. Except, this is milk.

How long does it take?

Under two minutes – that’s it. Sometimes two minutes can feel quite long, so I made a little video of what you can do while waiting. Tips from a mom, to a mom if you will. Use it, don’t use it – completely up to you!

There is a filter in the machine that filters the water and removes bacteria and impurities – so you know your baby is getting THE best prepped bottle he/she could possibly get. Once the hot water is dispensed, the formula you mix into it dissolves instantly so no lumpy milk. (a mistake I have made way too often)

Has it replaced the flask on my counter?

A big YES. Will I pay for it if it wasn’t sent to us to review? Another big fat YES. It has made my life so much easier at times and after three kids, I will pay good money for convenience. You all know that by know.

My only concern :

Yup there’s something that grinds me to my gears about this machine. When it’s above 35 degrees outside, our house gets so hot, that the machine’s water gets above room temp. When that happens, the machine won’t dispense water as it will not be the perfect temperature in the end. I have found adding water from the fridge helps but sometimes I forget to check, and I end up using the kettle water that has cooled down. That’s my only concern. But my house get’s unbelievably hot and my kitchen get’s way too much sun.

So how can you win one worth R2599?

On our Instagram post (the video) follow the prompts and answer the following question in the comments on that post :

How long does it take to prep a bottle with Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep?