It’s no secret that I love co-sleeping with my kiddo’s. I feel more at ease and I get more sleep overall. Win-win right? But, sometimes, we need our space. Well, I know I sure do. That’s where the Hauck Face to Me comes in.

We were asked to review this product a couple months ago and we finally gave it a good shot. The side of the Face to Me comes down, so baby is right next to you – but just in their own space. The height adjusts to the height of your bed which helps a lot! This helped when I was recovering from my csection and couldn’t get up to take Amelia out. My scar tugged every time I got up so having the co sleeper at my bed’s height made night feedings much easier.

This Co Sleeper is quite big and deep which is great for most, but our room is a little small.

We don’t have much space, so it just-just fits. But I must admit, this co sleeper will last you a long time. You can zip up the side use it as a proper cot so baby cannot get out. There is mesh netting on the side for breath-ability and you can see your baby safely from the side as well.

So, for people with a budget, you can use the Face to Me without buying a big cot on its own.

We do use a sleeping pod inside the Face to Me as Amelia prefers it that way and sleeps much better. The Face to Me has a soft mattress so it’s not necessary but it depends on each mom and child. The Face To me is also incredibly stable and tilt-resistant. They also have a belt if you would like to fix the Face To Me to your bed.

The Face To Me folds completely flat as well if you would like to store it away or slide it under your bed. By folding it flat, you can also travel with it if you are going away with baby.

All in all, it’s a great purchase and I could not find any faults with it. I will add the link below if you would like to purchase yours and I even have a little discount code for you! Use code wildlings15 for 15% off Face To Me.