Quilted Blankets

It’s human to want to hold onto every single memory (good ones of course!) and that is why we tend to hoard pictures, clothes, toys and every little thing. But sometimes, a memory will light up by a smell or an image that resembles it. That is where Love DW comes in – in a big way.

See, it’s more than a quilt. Actually, it’s a lot more than just a quilt. It’s a story, a love story and it hoards your memories on a blanket you can keep for generations to come. Love DW made each of my kiddo’s one through the years and I’m here to show and explain each one.

James’ Quilt

Debs designed this a couple years ago. It has elements of his old woodlands room (his very first big boy room – the way-back-when followers would know.) We added vintage cars as our little James, and his dad and grandpa, is obsessed with them. A real petrol head family.

His room at the time that the quilt was made had tones of navy and mustard so we incorporated that into his quilt so it would hang at the foot of his bed as a decor piece as well.

We didn’t add a lot of “memories” to this quilt as it was more a decor piece, but it was just as special as it combined so many elements of the theme of his room.

Jaxson’s Quilt

This one combined all the elements of his Greenery Inspired nursery and added it all on one gorgeous blanket. We still greenery obsessed and this had the most gorgeous prints to resemble that.

For example, there was an elephant head on the wall of his nursery and there is an elephant print on the quilt. Delicious monsters were scattered throughout his nursery in different ways and of course it’s incorporated into the quilt as well. A timeless beauty.

Amelia’s Quilt

Ok so this one we took full advantage of the “memory” aspect of the quilt. We added quite a bit of history into this quilt and I am so glad we did! It just means so much more to us and James loves hearing me tell the story of all the elements.

So –

Rainbows : Of course, she is our rainbow baby. “A baby after a miscarriage”

Camera’s : Because that’s mama’s day job!

Floral elements : Because floral for a girl? Yes please!

Sharks : Eugene proposed to me while we were shark cage diving. Yup, I have never been so cold, scared and excited at the exact same time. PS : He asked underwater while the sharks were zooming past.

Construction : To represent Jaxson. Jaxson also had a construction party the year Amelia was born.

Vintage trucks : Representing James and Eugene.

The paws : Representing our Rottweiler pup. Well not a puppy anymore – she is actually 6 years old already.

All these elements in one blanket with a million backstories to tell, amazing right?

So if you are looking for something special to add to your family, don’t even hesitate. Debs is a wonderful human being and she is so incredibly sweet and kind. I have loved working with her for each of the kids’ quilts and she made it such an easy process. What a great idea for a birthday/babyshower gift too right?

I am linking her Facebook and Instagram accounts below if you would love to see more of her work. She has the MOST devine prints!