Let me start by saying i never knew what it would be until my husband pulled the string of that box. We went to our fetal assessment and asked our gynae to keep it to herself and write it on a piece of paper for us. We handed the envelope to one of our good friends and she went ahead and made the box and kept it a secret for almost an entire week! We had the scan the Monday and could only do the party the Sunday. Was pure torture but totally built up to the emotion of the moment. We shared this moment with our closest friends and family and even did a little live instagram video for our close insta-friends.

So yes, it’s a BOY!! It’s in the stars that i am a total boy mom. Cars, mud, dirty knees and endless energy. I just know James and his little brother are going to be the absolute BEST of friends. Do you have two boys? I am looking SO forward to seeing their bond grow over the years. Cheers to having boys!

Treats and Cake : Connies Cakery

Decor : Rose and Vickory

Photography : Bianca Smit Photography