20 weeks preggo! Man oh man it went by fast. We are just this much closer to meeting little baby Kruger… (His name will be revealed very soon!) So how did these past 20 weeks go? Hmmm. Well good and bad. Morning sickness kicked my arse for a good few weeks, i started eating things i normally wouldn’t, my clothes officially DOES NOT FIT PEOPLE and probably the best of all – little baby Kruger kicks me ALL day. Not even exaggerating – it is ALL damn day. I will not exchange one single thing though. After our infertility journey, all these moments i have longed for, craved for and prayed for are here and you better believe I am embracing it ALL.


But a good old “halfway there” discussion : Stretch marks. I got a few from my previous pregnancy and man am I glad I got some Celltone to try out. I have been applying the Snail extract gel (Yes snail gel) daily and adding the tissue oil at night for extra moisture and repair. The snail gel feels so good on your skin, i just love the consistency of it. Smell is also very important to me, and the smell of this is just so clean and fresh! Right up my alley.

And my stretch marks? BARELY visible. Any new ones? Not as of yet! (I am dreading them as i can see my poor skin stretching to it’s limit). I have yet to say if Celltone prevents my stretchmarks – will definitely update as my tummy grows but for now, it’s doing on excellent job in repairing and moisturizing my skin. Have a look at my pics below – NO photoshop, i promise! Have any of you tried Celltone snail gel or tissue oil yet? Let me know!