James has a fair skin. And with a fair skin, comes a “fair” amount of responsibility. He burns so quickly so we always have sunscreen handy. We received some Celltone sunscreen to test out and where better to test it than Mauritius! We packed our sunscreen and i was very keen to use it as soon as we hit the pool (or beach for that matter). I did not want to head back to South Africa with a red burnt little James.


First of all, when i put it on, it didn’t leave that tacky residue most sunscreens do – that was already a winner in my eyes! I didn’t smear everywhere and it does not have that pungent strong smell that some suncreens are known for. It’s subtle, it’s easy to apply and IT WORKS! James did not get burnt at all. AT ALL. I applied it twice a day and it lasted! Even though we were in and out of the pool, napping midday and messing in the sand – the sunscreen kept James’ skin as perfect as the day he was born. I used it on myself to protect my little bump that’s growing and even though my bump is whiter than the rest of my body, I prefer it to a burnt pink one! Best part of this sunscreen – super moisturized skin as well. Can it get any better than that?


I read up about it and its perfectly safe for Acne prone skin as well – and clearly for sensitive skin like James’. A holy grail product in our house (and car and nappy bag and and and) right now! Especially with this vicious heat wave hitting Cape Town.

What is your holy grail sunscreen? You know now what mine is….