Since we started trying for a baby, we started thinking of names. Nothing on google was appealing and we haven’t heard a name we truly love. We found a girls name we really liked and if it was a girl, it would have been Sadie Grace Kruger. But as it’s obviously in the stars that i am a total boys mom, we were still on the hunt for a boys name we liked just as much. That is where Grey’s Anatomy came to the rescue…

It was our new binge series. Every night we watch 3 episodes after James went to bed as we started at season 1 (we were late on the Grey’s bandwagon, i know!). That’s where we both loved the name Jackson – from Dr Jackson Avery of course! I did however decided to switch up the spelling because the name looked too much like a surname to me. That’s where we found the name our future baby boy would be. Jaxson Reid Kruger. Second name is Reid for no specific reason, other than it just works really well together. And when i googled the meaning of the name Jaxson after i fell pregnant? I was totally speechless.

Jaxson (or Jackson) means : “God has been gracious; has shown favor” He gave us a gift, He answered our daily prayers, He gifted us with something that we have been trying so long for. This little boy is so loved already and we cannot wait to hold our little bundle sent from above, our little miracle.

Shoes : Foreva V

Name Poster : Watercolor Heart

Onesie : Tiny Tribe

Wooden accents : Rose and Vickory