Mommy Wellness Centre and Bella Roze

Who doesn’t need a good massage every now and then, especially when pregnant? When I was pregnant with James, I discovered Mommy Wellness Centre here in Durbanville. I went a couple of times, then again when I was pregnant with Jaxson. Of course, it was no different this time around.

DISCLAIMER: Yes these treatments were sponsored but I booked them before I even knew they wanted to work with me. So, I would have gone regardless.

I will chat a little bit about the treatments and then the products they stock that is proudly theirs (Bella Roze).


So what did I love about my experience at Mommy Wellness:

  • The rooms are beautifully clean and it smells like heaven. They have different rooms and I only experienced one, but it was perfect. It has a tranquil feel and there’s even candles lit to complete the atmosphere.
  • The pregnancy massage I had (The Bella Roze) was DEVINE! They massage you from head to toe. First, you lie on your one side, then your back while they massage your tummy, then on your other side. I must admit it’s a strange feeling when they massage your tummy  The Bella Roze products they use make this pregnancy massage even better. (More on the products a little later) You truly feel rejuvenated and fresh after the massage.
  • I had the deep cleanse facial as well and I had no complaints. They did extractions as well and even a little facial massage that I loved. They used Nimue products and it really brought some memories back for me as I used to use Nimue as a teenager.

The only complaint I have is probably the fact that I almost fall asleep every time (it’s just THAT good!) and probably snore. But that’s more embarrassing for me than it is a problem for them. But to be honest, I loved everything and did not have any issues. I will still be going for the boogie legs massage and csection wax and will of course update after those.

They offer a variety of treatments, packages, and even “Daddy Wellness” so dad can join. They also do baby massaging! They do it all.

And the Bella Roze products? What are those?

They have a couple different products and I got to try the Tummy Oil, Boob SOS, and Boogie Legs.


TUMMY OIL: It’s quick absorbing (big plus for me), it’s nourishing and smells really good. It’s supposed to help with skin elasticity but I don’t get stretch marks so I cannot comment on that aspect. I do get itchy though and it definitely helps with that. It’s filled with pregnancy safe essential oils so know that you are perfectly safe using it.


Boob SOS: This was a big help for me. My boobs get crazy itchy during pregnancy and I used this every evening. It’s very moisturizing and I cannot go a day without it. It is supposed to help prevent hormonal damage and should also increase the suppleness of your breast tissue. I think this product is wonderful as us women often overlook taking “care” of our breasts like we do the rest of our body.


Boogie Legs: Do yourself a favor and buy this NOW. I am a big sufferer of restless legs syndrome during pregnancy and no amount of Slow Mag can fix that. But this eases it so I can at least sleep well and get a good nights rest. It is very cooling on your skin and moisturizes your legs too. It really does help with tired and swollen legs and I use it every night before I go sleep. I will probably continue using this after pregnancy because of how amazing your legs feel after applying it.


So all in all, treatments and products, it’s a thumbs up from me. Let me know if you have ever been for treatments at Mommy Wellness and if you haven’t, I really suggest you go give it a try.

They have branches in :

Alberton, Durbanville, Fourways, Randpark Ridge, Somerset West, Umhlanga and Windhoek.