Amelia’s Little Nook

Did your baby ever use his/her nursery? Mine sure didn’t. Although it was amazing to decorate, it’s not practical for us. We are big co-sleepers and then I move the kids to their own toddler room with a floor bed when they turn 1. It works like a charm and the third time around will be no different.

So, my plan is to move the boys into one room. The bunk bed is already bought and setup and they have been semi-sharing the room. I will make the full transition when Jaxson turns two, but for now, the boys each have their own room which means no room for Amelia for the time being.


I started researching “nooks” and could not find what I wanted. Plus, our master bedroom is kind of small. Then, inspiration struck after viewing Spaas‘ compactums they had in their catalog. I will be doing a separate post about Spaas as there is just so much to say about them!

So, we decided to get a compactum that looks like a normal furniture piece and just work around it. It looks like a normal dresser but it has a hell of a lot of space and it’s BIG without being too big if that makes sense?



Our Ko-Coon moses basket and changing mat was also another big inspiration for this boho-minimal feel. I just love the natural look of them and it’s definitely a trend that doesn’t seem to die, the moses baskets just get prettier! (Again, more about Ko-Coon in a separate post.)

We love this little nook and it works perfectly for our lifestyle. Even better, we can keep this compactum as a dresser for years to come and just change the decor when Amelia moves into her own little room. If you guys have any questions, please let me know. I will gladly help out where needed 🙂

A massive thank you to Liv Bespoke Kids that made the beautiful wooden decor you see in the images. Her products are just AMAZING.

The wall hook is from Mayalief | Bows from Little Kindred, Mia Mae Creative, Petit Betty |Shelf from Simply Child | Rainbow, name plaque, wreath from Liv Bespoke | Mirror from Four Walls in Canal Walk | Jars from Mr Price | Bear in changing mat from La Fede