I really wanted a birth photographer for James but i didn’t even know something like that was possible. So doing my research while pregnant with Jaxson, i found so many birth photographers out there and it was quite overwhelming! Then i came across Anne. Anne is such a wonderful human being and so incredibly caring. From the moment i booked her, she messaged me weekly to ask how I am doing and wanted details after every scan i went to. On the day of Jaxson’s birth, she was at the hospital before I even got there!

Jaxson’s birth story isn’t a very interesting one as it was a planned csection, but it was so incredibly special none the less. I was much more relaxed the second time around and i kept making jokes with the gynae as he was taking Jaxson out. So many laughs (and tears!) were made in that theater and even the doctors came by saying how much fun they had – gave me a good chuckle! Anyway, here is his story, in picture form, as that’s probably the best way to tell it. Enjoy!

Photos by : Anne M Birth Photography