Yes, i realize that headline sounds quite deep. It’s actually quite lighthearted, a little serious but lighthearted none the less. You see, i have been having conversations with a few of the companies we work with and it all boils down to this : They live in constant fear that they not able to make something, cause somewhere, someone has done the same and will accuse them of copying. These companies didn’t even have a clue what they supposedly copied, but they being crucified none the less. Why is this? Aren’t we all grown ups here?

Don’t get me wrong, i know there are┬ápeople that copy directly and have no shame in doing so. It’s horrible and i have been a victim of that too. But we have to realize this : We live in a world where inspiration is all around is. Styles and trends influence brands and they make whatever is “the in thing” right now. There are millions of makers around the world and the chance that someone will end up making the same products are really high! We all love to think we are super unique and innovative but the truth is, we are influenced. We are influenced by what we see and hear. I’m sure you have heard of Pinterest? Well most people get their ideas straight from there. 99.9{2af203cb18ca441c33234f223b9efa5bf378f5c366c3c1ee6189ac2a9ce49250} of people own a smartphone or PC and will have access to it. They will see the exact same images you do! They are influenced by the exact same images you are. C’mon, this happens all around the world!


My mother always told me : Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on yourself. Focus on your business. Focus on your goals. I am a big believer of this “Everyone’s true colors will show eventually. You may be fooled for a moment, but be patient, and see what happens”

To the people being accused of copying when you not even sure what on earth you copied, but the rumors find their way to you, read the above paragraph again. And breathe. Breathe again if you have to. Cause we all trying to make it in the cut throat world. We all trying to be successful.

SO STOP! Stop living in creative fear. Stop trying to limit your ideas because someone might have done it sometime ago. Stop trying to restrain yourself. Trends stay trends and we are all riding on the trend-train. Haha, trend-train. I am totally imagining a train with mood boards and half finished products and people running up and down trying to make the next best thing. That is it from me! Leave your comment below if you have a little something on your mind. Still trying to find a way to end off my blogs – do i say bye? I dont know. Well okay, bye for now! Love, James’ mom.