Well, I’m very late with this post (surprise there!) but I have been meaning to post these images since the talented Trune from Trune Todd Photography sent them to me. I tried to make this party Pinterest pretty while making it fun and playful for the kids. With the help from Emmerentia at Oh Yay Kids, the party came out exactly like we had planned.

Oh Yay Kids designed all the stationery for the day and she did one hell of a job at it! She added the tractor theme on her website for you all to purchase as well. You can find that here : TRACTOR THEME

Sugar Studio made the cake and it was absolutely magical, the pictures don’t do it justice at all.

Megan’s Petting Zoo came and kept the kids well entertained and it went so well with the theme we had in mind.

Trune Todd took these incredible pictures (there were loads more!!) and she really caught all the moments that I missed while running around.

View More: http://trunetodd.pass.us/james-3rd-bday-1