Umatie (and why we love them!)

Time. Something we all beg to have more of. Let’s face it, one person CANNOT do it all. Umatie takes one thing off your to-do list: preparing good, hearty food for your baby or toddler. I have a baby bullet and it’s great but sometimes I just don’t have the time to make Jaxson’s food – that’s the reality, unfortunately. In comes, Umatie.

They have such a wide variety of good, wholesome and hearty meals with the most incredible flavors! Some flavors I would never have combined but they did and Jaxson has loved each and every single one – even the coconut ones that I could not even taste as I hate coconut. He loved it, of course.

So when I take the milk out for my morning coffee, I take out an Umatie meal for Jaxson and I put it in the fridge to slowly defrost. My dinner time, I pop it in the microwave for 1 minute and it’s ready. I pop the meal into the microwave and by the time I have put Jaxson in his seat, strapped him, put his bib on and walked back to the kitchen, his meal is ready.

He isn’t a big eater so some days he only eats half and I will give the other half for lunch the next day. Other days he polishes the entire tub – all depends on how his day went. We have only tried the 6 and 7-month tubs and I am pretty excited to start Jaxson on the 10-month tubs! I am sure he will love it just as much.

The flavors are exciting, the combo’s are packed with nutrition and the food tastes and smells incredible. No surprise that so many mama’s recommend Umatie.

Anyway, Umatie has a customer for life now as I cannot imagine life without it now. Jaxson is getting the nutrients he needs and that makes me a happy mama! And relieves a little stress off my shoulders at least.

Here’s what they say on their website :

“We are two sisters with a passion for good food. We started cooking our tasty meals from a small cottage in 2012 and are now based in a small factory in Stellenbosch. Feel free to pop in and meet us… we are there every day! We still do everything how you would at home with no shortcuts – especially not the ingredients. In fact, we have perfected our meals to offer your baby or kiddie the best there is in terms of nutrition, texture, and variety. We believe that weaning should be easy, your littlies should grow to love food right from the start. We also cater for the rest of the family with our convenient mix-and-match meals.”