Oh, heavens this stroller is awesome! Well, probably not the best to say that in the first line of my review because why would you need to read any further right? Woops. But trust me, you will want to read this entire post – this stroller blew my mind!


I’m not afraid to say it… but we have the Stokke Xplory. BEAUTIFUL pram, my word, but dang! That thing is big. Bulky, heavy and quite annoying at times. Just the thought of taking it on our trip to Durban was giving me nightmares. Thank heavens for the wonderful people over at gb who literally, a few days before our trip, asked me to review this nifty little guy. The Qbit+.

Man, I fell in love with it. Maybe because we were fed up with the bulky pram we had? Or maybe it is just THAT awesome. You require one hand to set it up and you push one button and press it down to fold it. I posted a video on my Instagram for you to see (@james.and.jaxson) and I will post it on Facebook this evening too. Can you even believe that? How incredibly easy it is? It made traveling with a toddler and a baby SUCH a breeze.

Not only could Jaxson sit in it, James could too. You know how toddlers get tired of walking after what, a minute? I just put Jaxson in my Ubuntu Baba carrier and we strapped James in the stroller. Problem solved and our arms are FREE. This nifty Qbit+ is suitable from birth to 17kg – Β it can turn easily on the spot (no wide circle turns needed) and goes up and down sidewalks well. Β We took this stroller on a variety of surfaces and it handled it extremely well – even gravel and grass! No effort to push it around.

The brake is a simple foot pedal cable brake. The unique winged shape of the pedal meant we had to tread carefully to press down with our right foot and put the brake on but flicking it off couldn’t have been any simpler. It has a spacious shopping bag underneath as well and trust me, we have loaded so much shopping in there with no issues. You know what they say, dynamite comes in small packages!

This stroller weighs 7.6kg, yes 7.6KG! That’s it. Easy to carry once folded and easy to transport since it’s so compact. Even so, it’s luxurious and so comfy for the kids. gb sells this as a luxury stroller and it’s truly a beautiful design. It’s gorgeous to look at and you can feel and see the amazing quality of this beaut of a stroller. And the price? Well, it’s a freaking steal at only R3899!Β 

Since we received it, we cannot stop using it. Such an investment and I wish I knew about this brand sooner. gb, where have you been all our lives?? Anyhoo – I know you are probably dying for one right now, what if I tell you I have one to GIVE to ONE of you?

All you have to do is comment on the Facebook post of this link and tell me, how much does this nifty little guy weigh? Follow the rest of the steps on the Facebook post as well. Cmon, it’s easy!

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