My blog was an accident? What the hell am I talking about? Well, I mean pretty much exactly what I say: My blog was never meant to be a blog. This all happened by accident, and look where we are today.

Sometimes, you need to take a leap of faith. I am sure someone has told you those words somewhere, somehow in your lifetime. I never even knew what blogging was – it was seriously the last thing on my mind when this “happened”. So how did we start? And why? Well…


I had an Instagram account that I posted on regularly, showing off my beaut of a child, James. I started following a bunch of awesome moms from all over the world and admired their style and how they dressed their kids. That is when I noticed that South Africa is SO far behind on trends, it’s actually quite ridiculous. I started scouting for something that came close to the massive monochrome trend that was going around and I found Tiny Tribe Kids.

I bought two shirts, two pairs of leggings and I think some shorts – not even sure! Monochrome HEAVEN! Swiss cross leggings and a black tee – James all super trendy and I was loving it. I took some photos with my camera (I probably should have mentioned that I started photography when I was 18) and I took some snaps of James and uploaded them. Wasn’t long after when Linda (owner of TT) contacted me asking if we could be a brand rep for their company.



I was so excited! I immediately said yes. And that’s exactly where it started. From there, more companies popped up. More companies asking to do trade exchanges, to send their newest ranges and to get featured on our Instagram. Back then, Raising Little James was born (which obviously changed to Life with James and Jaxson). That’s pretty much the long and the short of it! (PS : Note that I did work my ASS off to keep it going and to grow to where we are today!)


I love blogging, I really do. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and my life with you all and connecting with other moms going through the same things. The messages we receive thanking us for what we do, or asking advice or just sending us some love, honestly makes my day. I never in a million years thought of being a blogger, but life can be funny that way.

My point of this was, sometimes life moves you into the direction you need to go. You don’t force it, you don’t plan it, it just happens. I am excited for the future and the big things I have planned, for now, I am loving my life being able to talk, connect and share with all of you beautiful mama’s and I hope that in some way I inspire you, because you all keep me going every day.

Oh and hey! Cheers to my first 10 000 followers on Instagram! Cyber champagne for you ALL!