Hauck Wooden High Chair Beta+

We were sent this oh-so-gorgeous chair from Hauck a couple of months ago and we fell in love instantly.

We started giving Jaxson solids at around 5 and a half months and needed a practical chair but also one we don’t mind having in the lounge permanently because I sure don’t have the time to pack it away all the time.

This chair is made of wood (perfect for plastic-free-July don’t you think?) and looks absolutely gorgeous in any space. Currently, it’s in the lounge and it doesn’t bother me one bit. Currently, we have the food tray attached to it, but there’s another attachment, a front bar if you don’t want to use it as a feeding chair.

The chair is fully adjustable and grows with your child.

I think this is such a wonderful concept as it can be used for so many things, eventually as a desk chair as it can hold up to 90kg! It’s not just a chair you buy for a few months and pack away in the garage until the next baby arrives 😉

You can adjust this chair to even have baby/toddler sit in it at the table for dinner (we hardly ever do but it’s worth mentioning – dinner literally get’s eaten within 5 minutes between the bedtime rush!). We love having this chair in our home and it’s so handy. Best of all, Jaxson loves sitting in it and I can actually finish a hot cup of coffee while he eats (or plays with his food) in his chair.

To conclude: this chair is strong, sturdy, beautiful, multi-functional and can be used for a lifetime! It took me 20 minutes to assemble (with a toddler stealing the parts) and it was pretty easy. It does not collapse, but with its beauty, you don’t need it to. 😉

Here are the specs from the website :

The wooden high chair Beta+ comes with a food tray, front bar, 5-point restraint system, crotch strap and a 2-part seat cover.

The seat and footplate can be adjusted in height and depth and can, therefore, be adjusted to the particular growth stage of your child.

The wooden grow-along high chair can be used in many different ways. The food tray or front bar can be combined with the 5-point restraint system or the crotch strap. The 5-point restraint system is simply attached on the back by Velcro and can be adjusted to the respective size of your child. The crotch strap can be attached just as simple. The belt systems can be used according to your needs.

Your baby can sit with you at the table from the 6th month onwards or eat at his or her own table. The Beta+ high chair can even stand anywhere in the room. The food tray is also ideal for playing. On the soft, two-part seat cover your offspring will always feel comfortable.

The wooden grow-along high chair Beta+ is very stable and extremely tip resistant thanks to its roles. This wooden high chair is ideal for children up to about 12 years, but can also be used far beyond childhood (up to 90 kg).

Beta+ – the flexible multi-purpose high chair that is fun for a lifetime