Am I exaggerating saying that the Babybullet is the No, I am absolutely not. If you ever wondered if it’s worth it, I have here to totally convince you that it is.

What you get in the 22 piece set:

1 – Compact, high torque power base

2 – Blender blade to purée foods to the perfect consistency

3 – Milling blade to make rice flour or rice cereal from grains

4 – Batch bowl for mixing larger quantities of baby food

5 – Two short cups to make smaller quantities of baby food

6 – Two stay fresh lids to fit on to the short cups for easy storage and travel

7 – Set of 6 date dial cups to store your food in so you know exactly how fresh it is

8 – Tip-proof tray to hold 6 date dial cups upright

9 – Two silicone trays with lids to store and freeze individual portions

10 -Baby spatula

11 – Easy to follow user manual and cook book

12 – Pocket Nutritionist food information guide

Number 1: It’s fast.

Super easy to assemble and it gives you FRESH baby food in 10 seconds, no jokes. Steam the veggies in your microwave or stove top if you prefer, put them in the BabyBullet, blend and voila! 10 seconds and it’s so smooth and the absolute perfect texture for a 6-month-old starting with solids for the first time. It blends efficiently, fast and best part? You know exactly what your baby is eating. No buying mass amount of jars with ingredients you aren’t even sure about. (If you do, I’m not judging mama!). Plus, you don’t even need to wait for the food to cool down after steaming. This BabyBullet is created to withstand the heat so your food can go straight from steaming to blending with no waiting time needed.

Number 2: So affordable and easy.

This set retails on average around R1600. Might seem steep at first, but when you see that you can make an entire weeks worth of meals for R15 (or less, depending on where you buy your veggies) you will quickly see that it works out a lot cheaper. Eating chicking and veg for dinner? Put a little bit of it in the blender and blend for baby. Want to make a weeks worth of baby food for R20? Grab a pack of microwavable-already-chopped-and-peeled veg, pop it in the microwave for a few minutes until soft, put it in the blender, blend for 10 seconds and divide into the 6 date-dial cups and store in the fridge. 20 bucks! No joke.

Number 3: Easy to clean.

We rinse it straight after we use it and everything comes straight off. Dissembling the parts takes you 5 seconds and just give it a good soapy rinse. (Not the power base though!)

So now that you know it’s fast, affordable, saves you money and easy, let’s talk some more. In the photos, you will see the steps I took and what I did to make our baby food. Jaxson started with some butternut for a few days, then Avo for a few days and finally, apple. He has loved it all so much and it makes me happy knowing I made it for him. It took me 10 seconds, but I made it. It makes me happy knowing I saved money while doing it as well. We all in a crunch somehow and it’s always a good thing to save money where you can. One bullet is usually enough for Jaxson and there’s always a bullet in the fridge for him.


I’m pretty excited to start mixing vegetables and fruits and eventually meats into his diet. Luckily, these amazing little machines come with a handy cookbook that tells you when you can start adding what. They have really incredible recipes and I am definitely trying them as soon as he is old enough.

I will be keeping you all posted when I try more exciting recipes and maybe you can share your favourites with me? If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also… Drum roll… Want to win your very own BabyBullet with all the accessories included? YEAH, YOU DO! Make sure you answer this question in the comments our Facebook post that led you here: How many pieces do you get in the BabyBullet set? 

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