….breastfeeding myths that is! I am so stoked to be finally writing this. I have SO much to say but i will try keep this short and sweet. After breastfeeding James for 2 years (fun fact if you didn’t know) and breastfeeding going head strong with Jax, i have learnt so much and i want to share all my tips, tricks and breastfeeding knowledge with you. If i missed a few things, feel free to add! This week will be all about breastfeeding so keep an eye out for our daily posts.


Oh let me just quickly put this disclaimer out there : I AM NOT AGAINST FEEDING YOUR CHILD. I AM NOT AGAINST FORMULA. So formula moms, if you here to read and bash me for being pro-breast, save your breath, i have heard it a million times through my breastfeeding journey(s). (Harsh, i am sorry but i used to always feel like I’m stepping on egg shells when i want to talk about breastfeeding and bust the common myths most moms believe)

Ok my routine with Jaxson :

We wake up, he feeds from one breast and i pump on the other. I usually get around 200ml because he only feeds once or twice during the night, so my breasts are quite full by 7am. So then he will finish one breast and i empty the other one and that way i build up quite a nice stash.

We feed on demand but he has some sort of routine when he isn’t going through a growth spurt. He will feed when he wakes at 7am, then at 10am, then 1pm and from 3pm there is cluster feeding until 7pm. 8pm is his last feed after bath and a massage and then he is off to dream land (and i carry on working #gottakeeponkeepinon)


I usually work in another pump session around 8:30am if he didn’t completely empty the one breast in the morning. Then i get another 100ml. Sometimes I pump in the evening if he does not cluster feed – cluster feeding drains your breast! I’m fortunate that one breast fills him up so i am always able to pump the other if necessary.

Soooo let’s get to some lessons i learnt :

#1 : Frequent feeding does NOT mean you do not have milk –

I cannot stress this enough. Babies (especially little teeny tiny ones younger than 6 months), feed frequently because their stomachs are still tiny. Not to mention the comfort they might need from over- stimulation or just not feeling too happy. Oh and the growth spurts, let’s not forget the growth spurts! When they nurse frequently, they actually also increasing your supply for an upcoming growth spurt or a need to feed more – how cool is that? Because the more your breasts are stimulated, the more milk you produce. But we will get to that in  a bit.

#2 : “I can only pump 50ml, he drinks more than that so obviously i am not making enough milk for him”. PUMPING IS NO INDICATION OF YOUR SUPPLY! Little babies are FAR more efficient at getting milk from your breast so don’t go by what you can pump out.
#3 : As long as your baby is gaining weight, there is NO need to top up with formula. Don’t go giving unnecessary top ups. If they at least pick up 15 grams a day, they doing great! The size of your baby also depends on your genes. Each baby is so different, i mean, James was 6kg by 6 months and Jaxson was 6kg by 3 months. Both my kids, same parents, same genes.

#4 : Jungle juice is just sugar in a cup. Don’t do it.

#5 : ANY food in moderation is fine. No need to cut out anything except if your baby is struggling with severe reflux. Could be a dairy allergy, consult your doctor.

#6 : Breastfed babies don’t sleep through the night? Well yes and no. Some do, some don’t. Breastmilk absorbs very quickly so some babies get hungry more often than others but hey – TOTALLY normal!

#7 : Going back to work means you have to wean – NOT! Your body adjusts. You can pump out at work (it’s law in South Africa) and even if you can’t, you can still feed baby on your breast at home. Your supply will adjust and your breasts will stop feeling full, but will be full around the time baby needs to drink. Your body knows best.

#8 : Your breasts aren’t milk containers, they produce milk. The size of your breasts or the “fullness” of them does not indicate the amount of milk you able to get out.

#9 : Breastfeeding is NOT a form of birth control peeps! You still ovulate and you might, just might get a little surprise.

#10 : Last one….. Breastfeeding is NOT easy. It’s painful, it is tiring and it can make you want to book yourself into a mental institute some days but it’s absolutely worth it. It’s kind of like motherhood now that I look at it? Persevere, you CAN do it. Your body was made to do this!

*This was in no way a bash to any formula feeding moms. You do what you feel is best for your lifestyle. Just know that when you feel you aren’t able to breastfeed, consult a breastfeeding leader at La Leche League on Facebook, they will assist free of charge.