If you haven’t heard of Spectra, that’s okay! They used to only be available overseas but now, they are here and thank HEAVENS for that. If you are a breastfeeding mama, wanting to build a milk-stash or if you pumping and feeding – keep reading.

I had a breast pump, but for some reason it just wasn’t working as efficiently as it should. It was a single pump breast pump as well, so it took work pumping out both breasts – a LOT of work. And time. And we all know as new moms, we have very little of that. Introducing the Spectra S1 “heavens-opening-sunbeams-shining-music-playing-ahhh”. Game changer.


You see, it’s no ordinary breast pump. It is a hard working hospital grade breast pump that meets every expectation you might have. Double pump, so both breasts can be pumped out in 10 minutes, i promise you! Honestly my favorite part about it is that it charges instead of being plugged in or using expensive batteries. You charge it and it can be used for 3 hours. 3 hours! That’s a lot of milk, man. It also indicates as the battery drains so you won’t be caught off guard when it dies. Happened way too often with my old breast pump I had before the Spectra S1.

It has a nightlight, lightweight, portable and it’s so quiet, perfect for a night time express-session. It even times your sessions, but I’m still not at the best part of this oh-so-awesome breast pump. Even cooler? The cycle settings. Completely Adjustable Suction and Cycling in let-down and expression mode. Each mother can customize her pump’s settings to her own body’s response and follow her flow to find her own best settings every time – urgh, guys, this machine is way too cool. Never in my life have I been this excited about something that used to be such a annoyance to me.

Ok now I am at the best part of this entire post. Ready for it? Are you even ready for it? It only costs R2999 ! A double pump breastpump with all those wonderful features for a ridiculous price of R2999. I would pay double that for this beast of a machine. Will you be getting one? #LetsOpenADairyFarm #Mooo

PS : The milk pumped out in the photos were AFTER a feed – how cool is that??

Shop it here : http://spectrababy.co.za/how-to-buy/

Their Facebook page : Spectra