Well damn. I haven’t blogged in forever. Well not forever, probably two months? When Christmas came, it’s like life just stopped and I was in “pause” mode watching life go by while I stand stuck. I’m getting into the swing of things again and I am absolutely loving it, but being pregnant and having an (almost) 2 year old – LIFE GETS ROUGH! But this is not why I’m writing this. I’ll probably elaborate about this pregnancy later on. But for now, what I want to talk about is this:



A lovely blogger, Cass from Leather Jacket Foxes, have been doing online honesty posts and man-oh-man are they good! If you don’t know Cass, then well, I feel quite sorry for you. She brightens my days with her Instagram stories – dancing and being silly with her sweet boy Malakai (Friggin rocking name don’t you think?). I think of Cass as my spirit animal. She is everything I aspire to be. She is absolutely mind blowingly confident in her own skin. And isn’t that how we all should be?

I struggle with that from time to time. Sometimes I try to alter myself to fit in with how I feel I should be portraying myself on Social Media. Trying to fit in. We have all been there right? School, office or out with friends… But this morning? I stopped. I looked at myself and just stopped. I don’t have to be like the rest of the community. I don’t have to have this perfect all-white Instagram feed. I don’t have to try be funny when I am barely keeping myself together on the other side of the screen. 2017 is the year of being real. Being in competition with myself. Loving myself (and embracing this ever growing tummy). 2017 has already taught me so much that I am thankful for.

So cheers (non alcoholic champagne cheers!), cheers to being real, embracing the chaos, embracing my not-so-perfect-pinterest-home, embracing the fact that I can’t take pictures daily of James, embracing the fact that I am only human and embracing the fact that I am just perfect, being just me.