Elastoplast Wound Care Kit

Do you have a Wound Care Kit at home? I believe it is very necessary to have in your home, especially with kids. Let’s face it, accidents happen regardless of how careful you may be or how well behaved your kids are. (Trust me, I KNOW!)

James is a very active kid. He loves to rough-house and he runs around carelessly. Most days go by accident-free but then you hear the dreaded “thud” and the screaming afterwards. Man, I run to him so fast with my mind going all over the place thinking “What on earth could he have done now?” Just a fall off his scooter again and another scraped knee. (It happens often, mom of boys would know. Are girls this accident prone too?)


This is where Elastoplast wound care kit comes in.

There are 3 products in the kit – one to cleanse, one to protect and one to heal. You will start by spraying the wound area with the Wound Spray to cleanse and disinfect it from the nasties. I love that the spray has no harsh chemical smells and the mist is very fine so it distributes evenly.  Thereafter, stick a plaster on to protect the area from bacteria and dirt. They have beautiful designs for kids – we have a Starwars pack but there’s a Frozen pack for the girl moms too. Then lastly, apply the wound healing ointment regularly to minimize scarring and help the wound heal quicker. We use this until the wound heals completely.


What I love about this wound kit is that I can even use it for myself. I am so accident prone (maybe that’s why James is…) and I burn myself regularly while cooking. I use a little of the wound ointment to make sure it heals quickly and doesn’t leave scars behind. These products are really versatile around the home for all family members. Healing wounds does not have to be difficult – Elastoplast makes this easier for us Supermoms to deal with the wounds as easy as 1-2-3!

**These items are also available to purchase separately