Raise Them Kind – Because why would we want them to be anything less? Kind kids equal kind adults. The next generation depends on us, their morals, their values and their compassion depend on us. It depends how we raise them, what we teach them and how we treat them.

Let’s face it – the world can be cruel.

People can be cruel – ESPECIALLY on social media. The constant bickering, nastiness and entitlement has me shaking my head daily. So what do we do? We ignore. Kill them with kindness they say. The more we focus on the negative aspects in life, the more we feed it right? Let’s focus on being a kind human, bettering ourselves and raising kind kids and feed that energy instead. Being kind means treating yourself and others with respect.


And be kind, even when others are mean. It’s so easy to get angry and retaliate when others are nasty but this only fuels negativity which this world does not need more of.

What is that quote? Treat the janitor the same way you would the CEO.

I firmly believe that. Someone’s circumstances and job title should not be a factor in whether you treat them with kindness or not. And that is EXACTLY what I want to imprint on my kids. I want them to be kind to any human that crosses their path and to treat others with compassion.


Yes, it’s impossible to ALWAYS be kind. We have our hard days and life can get to us (and face it, people can push us) but always TRY. Try to be the kindest human you can and set an example for your kids. Would you be happy if they act the way you act? Would you be happy if they treat people the way you do? Think about that for a second.

Children learn by behaviors around them. Unfortunately they will be exposed to not-so-kind behavior but if the majority is pure and loving kindness, it should imprint on them pretty fast.

What can you do to help teach them kindness? Simple.

Praise them for the good that they do.

Say thank you when they do things for you.

Show them love and affection – hug them tight for no reason.

Say thank you to the person taking your trolley to put it away.

Smile to strangers.

If you can, give a R10 to someone sleeping on the streets tonight.

Show your kids what kindness is and find simple little ways to show them. They follow by example, so be a great one! What acts of kindness do you love showing your kids?

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