I get up, and get shit done.

Im a wife, mother of a toddler and 31 weeks pregnant. I run a business, work Mondays – Saturdays (even some Sundays). I run a very demanding and successful blog, yet, i get up in the mornings, and get shit done.

I edit until my eyes bleed every single day Mondays – Fridays. i run two Facebook pages and two Instagram accounts and two websites. I create the content, i manage the content and i do it all from point A – B. I get up in the mornings and get shit done.

I photograph weddings every Saturday, most of them 10 hours and more than a hour drive from home. I sometimes do smaller shoots in the week as well, in the evenings, when i could be home with my family having dinner with them. I get up in the mornings and get shit done.

I have a demanding 2 year old with ever growing needs – i help him when he needs it, i still change nappies, i cook his favorite meals, i still run after him at (a heavy) 31 weeks pregnant, i carry him when he needs me to and i get on the floor and play with him (even though it takes me a lot of effort to get back up again), i go through his nebulizer-asthma-medicinal routine with him every night before i put him to bed. I make sure I get shit done.

I cook every night for my family (except on Fridays, moms “cooking” night off!), i organize the household, i take care of the crap that comes with living in your own house and being the wife (and queen) of the household, i do what i can to make life easier for us. I get shit done.

We went through an infertility journey for a year, i was on 4 medicated cycles that messed my hormones up so badly, i broke down many times, got my heart broken so many times. Still, i got up and got shit done.

I lost a parent to suicide. Lost friends. Lost three grandparents in one year, one of them being in a horrific accident. I lost all faith in some people that hurt my family and my husband emotionally. I lost respect for people portraying perfection, when they were actually just manipulative and sly. I still got up daily, and got shit done.

My back aches immensely every day, i suffer from migraines and my legs cannot handle the weight of this little boy growing inside me. I have shit to do – so naturally i get up, and i get it done.

I have been through more than you can imagine in my past. Seen things i wish i hadn’t. Lived things i want to forget. I struggle daily with tasks i wish could have just been easy to do. I don’t feel sorry for myself. I don’t just sit on my ass waiting for things to fall in my lap. I don’t just stay in bed because i have an ache or pain. I don’t make excuses, i refuse to be lazy. I am 25, trying to make it in this cut throat world. I might have been through a hell of a lot but regardless, i have worked my ass off to get my businesses to where they are now. To get my family where they are now. To reach my goals, goals i thought i would only achieve at 30+.

I am 25, and even though most days it doesn’t feel like it, i am doing one hell of a job at life, and nothing will get in my way. I will continue getting up and getting shit done. Every day that you open your eyes, is a brand new day full of opportunities. Wether you use or abuse it, that is YOUR choice. No one else’s, YOURS.

Excuses don’t get results.

Excuses are for people who don’t want it bad enough.

Replace excuses with effort.

Replace laziness with determination – and everything else will fall into place.