Jaxson’s Construction Party

Jaxson turned a full 2 years old last week! I can hardly believe it. It’s also sort of the first time that I realized I was part of the “two under two” club. Jaxson is construction crazy so of course, we had to do something within the theme! But having a newborn, I was afraid I would fail dismally.

I am obsessed with parties and birthdays so I always go all out – most of you should know that by now. Boutique Petite asked me a month prior to Jaxson’s party if they can help style and plan it and OF COURSE, I said yes – I needed all the help I could get. They created a budget, used all my favorite suppliers and I just had to sit back and reply to a WhatsApp every now and then. Let me tell you, their organization skills are INCREDIBLE.


After the budget was approved, I paid them and they took care of every little thing. It felt so strange doing nothing and at the same time, I was just so relieved. After the party, I told everyone I will never be planning anything myself again after Kerrith and Simone did everything so wonderfully. Something I learned the last couple of months – I cannot do everything on my own. I needed to start asking for help and do things to make my life easier.



The wonderful team at Happinest Hire created beautiful tables and furniture for the party. The tables looked like they had concrete tops and those mini ghost chairs? I WANT THEM! They are absolutely adorable and definitely not something you see at every party. All the furniture you see in the images come from Happinest Hire but do yourself a favor – go look at all the other magical things they have to hire! I can browse for hours and plan little parties in my head with their beautifully made pieces. The owner, Erin Turnbull, is an absolute sweetheart and such a beautiful human. She has two boys of her own and she is rocking that momboss life!


The treats: These were made by none other than Sabena from Fairy Cakes. My goodness, this woman is blessed with bucket loads of talent. We have used her a couple times before and I am still amazed at everything she makes. I once spent a full hour just browsing her Instagram page and showing my husband each and every cake. She created everything you see on the dessert table (besides the hard sweets) and each and every single thing tasted so good. Her buttercream icing has to be the best I have ever tasted – and I have tasted a lot of cake in my life. (My thighs can prove that) Nothing is better than having a party and everyone raves about how good the treats taste, am I right? 

Teresa from LemonSalt did all the design work and vinyl that you might see. She also created his invite that we just sent out to everyone over Whatsapp. (Pfft, Millenials.) She is my absolute GO-TO for all things stationery and custom anything. Like she said, we can basically appoint her as a staff member at this point because every week theres something I need her to do for me. My right-hand woman!!

The black wooden round board with Jaxson’s name was from none other than Kikki and Franki. Another mom boss just absolutely rocking it! We use them for almost all our kdis decor in the rooms and I am pretty sure you would have seen them before on our feed. This name board will be going up in the boys’ room this week – and yes James has one too.

And last but not least, Mick Creative, the beauty behind the camera taking these photos : Thank YOU for capturing every little moment and knowing how I want it taken. You are an absolute pleasure to have around and my kids adore you!

The kids had an absolute blast. But let me just tell you : You don’t need fancy parties to make them happy. I do this for me. I’m a birthday person and I will always be – except when it comes to my birthday. I love spoiling other people and making them feel special and this is my way of doing it. Birthday parties, big or small, they all special regardless of how you celebrate it. Do you love throwing parties? I’m sure I’m not the only one. 🙂

**NOTE :: I paid for this party out of my own pocket. Only hiring and party planning was sponsored.**