Amelia’s Birth Story

My Csection was scheduled with Amelia – so no great “water broke in the middle of the night” story to tell, but it was an emotional day regardless. This is my last baby, it was my last pregnancy and my last time experiencing it all.

We woke up around 5:00AM and said goodbye to the kids (we slept over at my inlaws) and we headed to the hospital. Bags packed, excitement high and a million thoughts running through my head. What will she look like? What will she be like? What will her brother’s reaction be?

We got to MediClinic and our Birth Photographer, Amy Green, greeted us right outside. My nerves! When I saw her, everything just felt so much more real. I checked in, got to my room and I was so incredibly nervous, my heart was sitting in my throat. All the paperwork started – those millions of questions. Heart conditions? Hemroids? How many pregnancies? I hate that question. 4 pregnancies, but only third baby. “Miscarriage?” Yes. “How many weeks?” I sigh. 6 weeks. Anyway, let’s move on.

We got out my Netcells box and made sure everything was right. Our Netcells experience will be posted soon, so keep an eye out for that one. All my clothes were packed away, Amelia’s blanket was taken out and now we wait. Amy is there, snapping away and little moments get frozen for a lifetime.

We took my very last bump pictures, Eugene and I had a couple of moments where we were like “this is it.” and we waited in anticipation for the porter to come to collect us. We went through MANY emotions and my heart was beating out of my chest. Is this really our rainbow baby girl? Is this all real? Will she be bald like the boys were? Yes, the most random things went through my mind. So many questions and soon they were all answered.

It’s time. Time to roll on to the theatre – it’s time to meet our baby girl! That waiting room is the worst though. It feels like forever when you waiting there. My gynae walks in there and I immediately say “THERE you are!!” I love my gynae and really built such a good relationship with him over the past 4 years. He laughed and before I knew it, they wheeled me off to theatre.

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Time for my Spinal and NO – it wasn’t sore. At all. They numb that area to death before they insert that hectic needle. My gynae stood infront of my holding my head down for support. Then, after the spinal, Eugene and the birth photographer came in. My NERVES!! Now we are closer than ever. My gynae started cutting and I told him to wait so he can take a final guess on her weight. He said around 3.6kg and the assistant said 3.55. What a surprise it was in the end 😉

Tears started flowing as my gynae said her head is out – “and she is definitely not 3.6kgs”. And then she cried. That BEAUTIFUL cry – the BEST sound in the world. They put her on my chest and the first thing I noticed was her lashes. Her long beautiful eyelashes. And then I looked at her VERY chubby cheeks! I could hardly believe that she was so chubby! But man, I adored every inch of her. I was crying, Eugene was crying, Amelia was crying (those lungs got a good workout.) Then off she went with Eugene, the nurse, and our birth photographer.

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See, I wanted Amelia to stay with me but Eugene spoke to me about his feelings and how he knows it would be his only one-on-one moment with her if she goes to the nursery, so they can do skin-to-skin. And I respected his wishes as this is his child too. So they got their moment, their very beautiful moment, and he soaked her up in those couple minutes he had her against his chest.

Then, it was time to show the boys. Oh, the boys were SO excited! My inlaws were there to help (MUCH needed help) and the boys saw their little sister. I wasn’t there to witness it, that is why I am so grateful for our beautiful birth photographer.

Amelia Birth (173)

I came back to the ward and the boys were happy to see me. They brough Amelia to me and I just could not stop staring at her. Jaxson climbed all over me and got too excited so my inlaws rather took the boys home after a hour or so. Jaxson is still so young and he just couldn’t understand that mommy is sore and to be super gentle with me (and Amelia!). James came to visit every day though, he just could not wait to come see his sister.

James made her a build-a-bear and of course, this blue bear with the Wonderwoman outfit is seen in our birth story. I also had one made for James from his little sister, and he adores it. He does not sleep one night without it.

Amelia Birth (186)

Anyway, that’s basically our story on the day of 01.07.2019. I was loopy and out of it for the rest of the day and took my time to recover in hospital – don’t try do everything on your own mama’s. The nurses are there for YOU and baby. I have two great blogposts coming up about recovery post partum and my top essentials for the first 6 weeks post birth filled with great tips and tricks. Will post that soon!

To watch the video of the birth, click the link below :


A very special story of loss and love. Chenel Kruger and I became friends a year ago through our joint love of birth photography. Then one day I got a picture with no explaination just a picture of her positive pregnancy test — yeeek and then the message came through asking if I would be her birth photographer. – What an honour. Sadly 6 weeks later, I got the call that every birth photographer dreads – Chenels baby had fallen asleep forever. Consoling her through that time will always be special for me and touched at how well she took the news and became an advocate for miscarriage in her community. Then a month later another positive pregnancy test was seen on my phone with the message of Please be my birth photographer again. Did I say Yes? You bet I did. Chenel had a difficult pregnancy and a lot of scares but through it all she brought into this world a BEAUTIFUL big chubby cheek princess called Amelia.

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