Maternity Shoot (and why I did mine differently)

Maybe I was just too exhausted. Maybe I was just absolutely over all the flowy dress-flower-crown-golden sunset photos (been there, done that. twice.) This time I decided I want us to be showcased. The real us, the real Kruger family, the real chaos behind the closed doors.

And who better than Lize from Lilac Photography to capture it all? James knows her by now but even if he didn’t, the shoot would be a roaring success anyway. Her ability to work WITH the kids instead of directing them is absolutely memorable. It might sound cliche but she is so good in what she does and I look up to her as a photographer (and momboss – 5-year-old and 2-year-old twins? Roaring successful photography biz? Don’t know how she does it all!)

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I love the reality in these photos. They have emotion, love, truth and so much goodness in them. I loved that it was taken in OUR home, where we are comfortable and at ease. I love that we didn’t have to run after kids at a venue and bribe (and beg) for the kids to stand still for photos. I love that even through all the chaos, it shows us for who we are. Tears, laughs, manic moments and all.


Let’s do more family shoots like this. Let’s do more maternity shoots like this. Let’s do more love and more real – the beauty in it is absolutely exceptional.

Don’t get me wrong, those flower crown-flowy-dress-sunset shoots are SO beautiful. I had my heart set on one with a mustard dress I saw on Pinterest. And believe me, it was still the plan until I got these photos back from Lilac Photography. I asked myself why? Because its standard practice when you pregnant? It’s not me. I’m more comfortable just like this.

Would you ever consider opting for a shoot like this? Family or maternity – doesn’t matter. Would you rather have pictures like these on your wall or those pretty posed ones? There’s no right or wrong answer – I am just genuinely curious. I really changed my perspective after having two kids and being heavily pregnant with a 4-year-old and a 22-month-old. The exhaustion played a big role in my decision! 😉

Anyway – I hope you all have a magical weekend and ENJOY Fathers day! Regardless of what you are doing (or not doing), just enjoy the time with your kids. I miss my dad even more around times like these every year so appreciate the time you have with YOUR dad and love them with all your heart. 

xoxo – Chenel