When the courier arrived at my door, and i saw it’s a parcel from Little Handmade, i had no idea what to expect. I knew she was creating a special box for me, but when i opened it, tears ran down my face.

The love, care and thought that went into every piece absolutely blew me away. The attention to detail, the personalization of each garment, the quality… Like i said, it moved me to tears. When i read the little scripture she added on the “Jaxson” babygrow, our whole infertility journey flashed through my mind and i could not believe that we are here already. 26 weeks pregnant, 13 weeks to go. 13 weeks before i can hold my precious little miracle. And like the scripture she added on there says, we really prayed hard for you Jaxson!

These outfits do come in a gorgeous keepsake box and it is just the most perfect gift for a expecting mommy. Every expecting mommy needs a “Little Handmade” in her life. (See what i did there…. #latenighthumor)

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