Kids and scooters – or anything with wheels really! I rarely see a kid that doesn’t enjoy riding around on a bicycle, scooter or push bike of some kind. James has a couple different ones as dad races, so anything with wheels is a big hit in our household.


The day the Micro Scooter came to our doorstep, James was ecstatic. I shared some of those clips on my insta stories last year where he assembled it himself and put the helmet on right away. Of course, it’s in a beautiful bright blue color but there are so many other colors to choose from.

It took him a while to warm up to it. It was a new way of motoring around but I ensured my husband he will get the hang of it soon. He had to learn to keep his one foot on it and kick with the other leg. Seems like a simple concept but for a little toddler that hasn’t ever used one similar, it was a little confusing at first.


See, the steering is also very different and for a couple of months, he just kept going backward and forwards on it. If you need to turn, you need to basically lean in the direction you go, not turn the handle left or right. It was a little difficult but now, after a couple of months, he is a pro.

After he got the hang of it in the house and around the pool, we started letting him ride on it outside in the road. We live in a street where the road goes downhill and I was dreading every moment of him riding down it. Sometimes you just have to trust your kid, and sure enough, he knew exactly when to step on that little brake on the back wheel. He has given me a couple of heart attacks but he hasn’t fallen down thus far. *touch wood

So James’ thoughts? He absolutely loves it. It’s his go-to toy when he gets home from school and poor Jaxson tries to sneak in a minute on the scooter himself. Jaxson can only walk with it but obviously, he wants to do what his brother does!

If it’s something you think your kid might love, have a look on their website and see which one is the right fit for you. There are even adult scooters 😉