Have you heard of Trunki?

No? Then I am so glad you are here!

If you like to travel with your kids, this is a post you do not want to miss. This is a suitcase, but not just any suitcase. What if I tell you it’s a suitcase, with loads of packing space, with a hard shell AND your kids can ride on it (and will LOVE to ride on it so you won’t have to carry them). Sounds epic right?

Well, it is pretty damn epic. James chose his own one on the website as they have so many different styles. James is in a “fireman” phase so naturally, he chose the fireman design. The excitement on his face when it got here? Boy, you had to see it. Before I even told him he could ride on it, he saw he could and off he went before I could even ask him if he likes it.

We don’t have experience of traveling with it far, but the little bits we have used it, it has been a total hit. James and Jaxson make turns pulling each other around on it so hubby and I actually have hands to carry our own stuff.

Also, I have read it’s the perfect size for carry on luggage so you can have them use it as a scooter until you get to your seat on the airplane.

When waiting to check in, or waiting on anything for that matter, it can be used as a seat. I have caught James using it as a seat in front of the TV a couple of times as well. A suitcase, a little ride on toy and a chair? So freaking cool.


They use the horns on the Trunki to steer around and they steer around so easily – even Jaxson got the hang of it super quickly.

Also, I have read it’s the perfect size for carry on luggage so you can have them use it as a scooter until you get to your seat on the airplane.


Here are some FAQ directly from their website :

What size is Trunki?:

Trunki has generous dimensions of 46 x 20.5 x 31 cm and it has an 18 litre internal capacity.

Is Trunki suitable for hand luggage?

Yes, in most cases (no pun needed!) – but we always recommend you check with your airline before travelling.

What happens if a part of my Trunki is broken or lost?

Please contact us on 011 792 3637 or via our online contact form and we’ll do our best to help.

What weight is Trunki?

Trunki is very lightweight at only 1.7 kg. or 3.8 pounds, making it easy to carry and store in overhead luggage compartments.

How durable is Trunki?

We have built Trunki from the same plastic as adult suitcases, so it’s very durable and can be ridden over and over again! We recommend you don’t exceed 50kg of contents and that you don’t check Trunki in at the check in desk.

How safe is Trunki?

Trunki was designed to prevent children damaging their backs carrying heavy bags. We have built in a soft rubber rim to prevent little fingers getting caught shutting the case and stabilisers to prevent children from easily falling off. Trunki is CE marked and meets EN71 safety standards.

Do you own a Trunki? Do you want to? Stand a chance to win one! Head over to our Facebook post and answer the following question :


GOOD LUCK! Winner announced 31 January.

GO VIEW THE RANGE AT : https://trunki-sa.co.za/