Minimalist Hospital Bag Checklist

So, this being my third pregnancy and hospital stay – I can vouch for it that you don’t need much. Not too sure about government hospitals but with Medi Clinic, you honestly don’t need much at all. Last time I packed WAY too much and this time I am dialing it down. Besides, we live two streets away from the hospital so if I ever need anything, I can get the husband to bring it right away. Also, we will be staying 3 nights minimum because I am having a c-section. This list might look like a lot but it truly isn’t – the extra’s are just for me for taking pictures of our very first little girl.

Let’s start with Amelia’s bag. I am packing all her little things in this bag from Thandana. This is such a handy nappy bag as it’s got space for PLENTY. I think having a 2 year old and a newborn, this bag will come in handy more than I realize. You can check out more of the bag here.


For Amelia we have packed : (remember it’s winter time)

  • 6 vests
  • 4 babygrows
  • 2 outfits with a long sleeve shirt and closed feet leggings
  • A couple of bows
  • Turbans from Annapatat to keep her head warm
  • Two knitted beanies
  • Dummy clip from GNASH (so dummy won’t get lost)
  • 4 different dummy’s (babies tend to have their own preference)
  • Mustela wash, lotion and bum cream.
  • Pure beginnings wipes
  • Imprint Love pack for little foot and handprints
  • Announcement outfit – Mina Moo swaddle set and Kikki and Franki welcome/name plaques (I have to do this, my photographer’s heart!)
  • One towel and two washcloths
  • Two muslin swaddles from Maccie
  • Two warm winter baby blankets


Each little outfit goes in it’s own bag. You can put it in plain Ziploc bags but these I got from Lemon Salt Designs.




Hoping the photo I have in my head works out with our items above! Swaddle from Mina Moo and Plaques from Kikki and Franki.

For me, I packed :

  • My own pads
  • Cloth Breastpads
  • Nipple Cream – I use Bepanthen
  • Clicks mini toiletries – Mouth wash, body wash, body cream
  • Toothpaste and Toothbrush
  • Lip balm
  • My own washcloths
  • Micellar water from Garnier and Cotton Pads
  • Deodorant
  • Mrs Milk lactation bars
  • 4 boyshorts (panty’s)
  • 1 Mamanoo post birth panty
  • Nursing bra’s (Mamanoo, Yummy Mummy, Woolworths)
  • Nursing tank top (Yummy Mummy)
  • Headband and Slippers from Woolworths
  • Bena Loungewear long sleeve set in black
  • Lina Lina Gown in navy stripes
  • Anna Louise Maternity sleepwear in Dusty Pink
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Our Netcells box to store Amelia’s stem cells.




I will be talking about our entire Stemcell banking experience after her birth, but if you curious to know more, head to the Netcells website.


So I think I have everything I need – electronics not on this list though. I will be bringing a charger (extra length cable), two-point plug, my camera and my phone (of course!). Am I missing anything? Am I taking too much? Honestly, it’s less than I took with Jaxson but still feels like a lot. Oh well, last baby hey. πŸ˜‰

My bag, check. Amelia’s bag from Thandana, Check. Our new Baby Africa car seat (rest of stroller not in image), check! As ready as we will ever be!