The Spindel – and why you need one.

Washing – a dreaded word in most households. To be honest, we have a full time domestic that does the majority of the washing but we still sit with one problem: the drying. Now that we heading into winter and days are shorter and colder, clothes are taking forever to dry. Not so fun when you have school/work clothes that need to get dried as soon as possible.

So, what does that have to do with Spindel? Man, if you only knew how awesome this little guy is. I decided to try it now that I have lots of little baby clothes to get ready for Amelia’s arrival in roundabout 6 weeks (yes time has gone WAY too quickly). I washed her clothes in the washing machine on a very gentle cycle (as we do with those teeny tiny outfits.) I then loaded the clothes evenly and tightly into the spindle and only around 3/4’s full so it would spin efficiently.

The result? Little teeny baby outfits ALMOST dry. (This wont dry your clothes fully but it does take out almost ALL the moisture so it can dry quicker on a rail.) I haven’t tried it with our clothes yet but when I do I will definitely share it in my instastories and update you all. Amelia’s clothes took a couple hours to dry completely inside under the aircon and they were ready to pack away. Best part? The Spindel also removes extra detergent (with all the water) that stays behind in your clothes which will help your clothes last longer too.

I will probably be using this nifty little guy all throughout winter as clothes cannot dry outside due to the cold and rain. Inside, it will take days to dry with how wet it comes out of the washing machine.

What FAQ does Spindel have on their website?

Q. Will my laundry be completely dry after using Spindel?


No, the majority of the moisture will be removed, but the fabrics will still be slightly damp. This will allow you to air dry your laundry in a fraction of the time and avoid additional wrinkling. The level of dampness will depend on the type and thickness of the fabric. For example, certain fabrics will be ready to iron immediately if necessary (i.e. synthetic fibres), whilst others may require some air drying (i.e. cotton).

Q. Will Spindel make my fabrics very wrinkled?


No, just enough moisture is left in the fabrics to dry without most of the wrinkles, as long as the garments are hung up neatly straight after the cycle. Certain fabrics are obviously more prone to wrinkling than others, but Spindel will not cause more wrinkling than a standard washing machine cycle.

Q. How energy efficient is Spindel compared to tumble dryers?


You can run over 65 cycles in the Spindel with just one unit of electricity (i.e. 1 kWh), whereas one tumble dryer cycle alone can consume over 3 units of electricity!

Q. How long will my laundry take to air dry after using Spindel?


This depends on a variety of factors such as the ambient temperature, humidity and the type and thickness of the fabrics. Generally, most fabrics can be air dried indoors overnight.

If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below and I will assist any way I can.

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