So trendy, so beautiful and oh-so-necessary! Jaxson loves his Sleepyhead sleeping pod and we even use it for playtime. He has started rolling around so i put him snug in his sleepyhead for some sensory play with his Olly Polly playgym. Sleepyhead just launched a variety of extremely beautiful covers and we were lucky enough to grab one! To say I’m obsessed is an understatement, the beauty of these are just so darn amazing.

But besides the prettiness, these sleeping pods are so gosh-darn-perfect for nap time. I move it all around the house and luckily it’s lightweight to carry around. Breathable fabric, so no sweaty naps and easy to to just zip off the cover and throw it into the wash.

It’s a #JaxsonApproved product from us!

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