I had some serious luck last week because i won myself a Jean Kelly leather baby bag! How amazing? I never win anything and hardly enter competitions just because of that reason so the look on my face when i saw my name up on their announcement post, was probably quite priceless.

I have been dying to get one of these bags since i came across their Facebook page and when i fell pregnant, this bag was on the top of my list. Quite chuffed to say i own my own little piece of Jean Kelly now. Have you read about this talented woman behind the name? If not, i suggest you go to her website now and maybe even add an item or two to your cart. I heard a birdie saying that they have free shipping and a free leather dummy clip with all orders…

But besides all of that, i am here to show you what i carry around with me. And now i can carry it all around in a very stylish way too 😉


What’s in my diaper bag and why?

  • Huggies Gold Nappies : Yeah we not potty trained yet, give us a couple of months..
  • Wipes : Cause baby wipes are LIFE!
  • Jean Kelly changing mat : Included with the purchase of this a-m-a-z-i-n-g bag.
  • BBox Sippi Cup and Snack pot : Cause what would a toddler be without requesting snacks all day long?
  • Extra clothes : Poop explosions, snack-accidents, diving head first in a pile of mud… It happens.
  • Ben Rabbit bum balm : Holy grail bum balm – cannot go without it! (More about them soon)
  • Ben Rabbit lip balm for mom : Obsessing over this magical formula.
  • LaFede Bunny : Cause James cannot go anywhere without his bunny.
  • Mayalief blankie : Blankets are good for so many reasons!
  • Rose and Vickory flash cards : An attempt to keep my toddler busy for longer than 15 minutes. Works quite well!
  • Rose and Vickory peg dolls : James loves these. More for making a noise on a table but nevertheless, he loves them.
  • Cars : More entertainment attempts.

Well that’s the basics. What’s in your diaper bag that i don’t have? Let me know!