I wish life could be all sunshine and rainbows – or wait scratch that. The struggles mould you, shape you into who you destined to be. You can choose what to do with those struggles : use it for attention, use it as an excuse or use it to shape yourself in the best version you can be!


My mom and dad divorced when i was 11 and my sister was 4. We stayed with my dad and went to my mother on weekends. We all learned to cope with the situation best we could. Sadly, a couple years later, my father decided to take his life one December morning, 10 days before Christmas. My world was shattered, especially being the one that found him. I felt numb from head to toe, and i cried for days on end. Losing your father is something i do not wish upon anybody. He missed so many moments in my life – my matric ball, meeting my husband, walking me down the aisle, meeting James and becoming a grandpa for the first time… I’m not telling you this for sympathy, I’m telling you this to show you that i made a choice. I made a choice to keep going, to be better and better each day.

I started my photography career when i was just a few days away of turning 19. I borrowed my moms camera and did R100 shoot specials just to gain experience and learn. I saved up R15 000 after a couple of months and bought my own camera. I was so proud! During this time i also met Eugene (my husband and James’ daddy) and we got married two years after.

Here i am at 24, with a successful photography career, a husband i adore, a gorgeous little boy and a (so far!) successful blog of our adventures together. My point is, your past does not determine you! You have the power and ability to make your life as amazing as can be.

You are a great person, you are an amazing mother, you are a beautiful human being. Make every day, the new best day of your life – life is truly very short so embrace every moment and live like there is no tomorrow.