La Fede :

When I started scouting products for James’ big boy room, I came across La Fede. I was in awe of all their gorgeous products! From moneyboxes, to wooden cameras (I was sold right there!) to characters with the coolest names.

Ever since i i found La Fede, i have been comepletely obsessed. Yes, OBSESSED! Their range of products is just so perfect for us (and i’m sure for you too!). James has his own crew of buddies from La Fede and each one has a purpose in his world.

Hunter the brown bear sleeps with him and gets carried around the house for a few extra cuddles. Rufus the polar bear is his “Teepee buddy” and he will always have him along for a teepee adventure or two. Gee the Giraffe is his garden friend and for some reason, he love to play peek-a-boo with Gee. He hides Gee in between the bushes, runs away, waits a few seconds, runs back and shouts on the top of his lungs “Ba!!” when he finds Gee. His imagination runs wild with all these toys – and after all, isn’t that the best part of being a kid? La Fede brings that extra touch of wild to his already crazy imagination and it’s honestly so refreshing to watch.

Oh and that gorgeous little wooden camera you see ever so often on our feed? Also from La Fede and a very big part of James’ life! I love that he loves it and maybe, just maybe he will follow in my footsteps of being a photographer 😉 (a mom can dream too!)

Anyway, i can babble all day about him and his friends but let me just tell you more about Chantelle (owner of La Fede) and a bit more background of her “local is lekker” business!

Chantelle, how did you decide on your company name “La Fede”, and what is the meaning? its so unique!

I was challenged in Faith to start La Fede 2 years ago. It means Faith in Italian. Italian simply because I lost my heart in Rome

How long have you been making your beautiful products?

Almost 2 years full time

What was the very first product you made?

A pinafore dress

Are your products locally made by yourself?

Yes locally made by me

Where do you find your inspiration from for your unique creations?

Im inspired by my kids and husband, and also by other kids. Im a storyteller, a dreamer, and I love how kids are never afraid to get lost in their.own imagination. Thats my inspiration.

Tell us more why you name your cute soft little animals?

As I said Im a dreamer, a storyteller and each animal character I make has a “story” in my head whilst I make him. I usually name them before they are made, so on sketch phase they will already be named and have their characteristics.

Do you have plans to expand to a bigger range in future or will you be keeping it small and exclusive?

I’m a small indy maker. And would like to keep the range small. I will start training up an assistant soon, but will always make the range myself. I love the authenticity I can offer my clients, and have limited the quantity of a specific Bear so that customers always.know they are buying an exclusive Heirloom Bear.