Mayalief :


Michelle from Mayalief in one sentence : Passionate with a heart of pure gold. This woman was the first monochrome decor company i found and boy was i glad i found her! Monochrome heaven people! I probably have around 10 Mayalief scatters that i switch around in the room and playroom and each one is so dear to my heart. She makes scatters, garlands, cot bedding, swaddles, onesies and the list goes on and on. Michelle is so passionate about her work and her business and it truly shows in every product – you can feel the love put into her work!

But see it doesn’t just stop there, she made me cry this morning. Yes CRY! Not in a bad way… Michelle sent me this pillow as a gift. I wasn’t expecting anything and was very confused when i saw her name on the waybill when the courier delivered.


See this is why i love Mayalief so much. People won’t usually do things like this, but SHE does. She shows her appreciation when it’s not even needed. And yes, it brought me to tears. I told you this remarkable woman has a heart of gold – a heart of PURE gold.

Michelle, dankie! DANKIE vir die wonderlike mens wat jy is. Jy is rerig een uit n biljoen en ons huis sou nie dieselfde wees sonder n bietjie “Mayalief” nie. Ons het baie liefde vir jou en jou besigheid!