So if you know anything about James, you should know he is quite obsessed with bunnies. Doesn’t matter how the bunny looks, as long as it looks like a bunny. So when Zoe from Scandi Home Decor contacted me to shoot some bunnies for her, it’s clear what my answer would be. I was beyond excited to photograph them – they¬†are not your usual cuddle bunnies, they are quite different and very special.


These bunnies are dress up bunnies. A little clothing range is made for the bunnies and you can dress them up as you wish! Zoe will be adding to the collection as she goes adding little houses, decor and furniture pieces. I don’t think i have ever been so excited about something that’s for James and not me!

Most importantly, these bunnies are durable. The quality of them is just outstanding and i expected nothing less from Zoe, being the perfectionist she is. James and his new bun will have endless adventures and you can guarantee i will be there documenting them all!

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