So a couple of times I have heard from my mommy friends that dads (or dad-to-be’s) want a diaper bag they feel proud to carry around. Something that doesn’t look like a handbag. Something a little more unisex. Cause face it, he will be carrying it around a lot too! Jan- Pierewiet leather bags sent me an email I got very excited about. They want to launch a leather backpack/diaper bag – hell yeah, perfect for the boys!

I had no idea how it would look but I was pretty damn excited, and naturally, hubby was too. Finally a bag he can be proud to carry around . The day it arrived felt like Christmas and I could not wait to tear that darn box open. And there it was in all it’s beauty – a dark brown leather diaper backpack. At first glance, you can tell the quality and craftsmanship that went into it was absolutely incredible. A bag to last.


I put it to the test and had Eugene carry it around a couple of times. The bag is so spacious with compartments for everything. Having two kids, a diaper bag with a lot of space is an absolute MUST for me. Well Eugene loves it, I love it, it works perfectly and looks hella’ good too. Go grab one and you will fall in love just as quickly 😉