I’m going to start off with saying that YES, we LOVE this product. It’s only been day two of using it but I am so addicted to this amazing little invention from Simply Child. Bath time with Jaxson has been hell to be honest, I dreaded bathing him. No matter what we do, it usually ends up with a very sad baby and a super frustrated mom.

But then I remembered I had this little bath pillow from Simply Child in the cupboard and finally put it to use. I was honestly a little scared to use it because I had no idea how Jaxson would react. In my mind I pictured him screaming worse than before and maybe even falling off the damn thing. (Paranoid mom much) I was pretty damn tired of this big plastic bath so I gave the pillow a go. I was shocked.


I undressed him, screaming started, I took him to the bath, laid him down in it and within a second, the crying stopped. STOPPED. Not even a moan. I thought I was imagining things, could this child really be enjoying a bath right now?


He was quiet, even sleepy at a stage! I got in the bath with him and examined this little magic pillow. The heat of the water warmed Jax up from below and the pillow kept his little body snug in the middle. He felt secure (and warm) and he enjoyed his bath for the first time in 6 weeks.

So this is a BIG must have for any new mom and honestly, a true life saver. Get them at www.simplychild.co.za