Where was Anneen when I was breastfeeding James??? Just realized that sentence sounds a little strange.

Who is Anneen? Well she is the talented designer and maker behind Anneen Henze Collection and has been killing the local fashion scene. I wore a few of her items during winter and now, I am a proud ambassador for her brand.


I love breastfeeding and I am so lucky to be doing it a second time round. Anneen has also made it so much easier with her new “Before, during and after” range. Clothing that can be worn pregnant or not and a few select items that have a very easy breastfeeding feature. It’s truly handy in public as you don’t expose much at all and breastfeeding can be done discreetly. (DISCLAIMER : I know it’s natural and women shouldn’t worry if they breastfeed in public but some of us don’t want to expose too much, especially me since my boobs grew from a small B cup to a DD. #BoobInYourFace)

Keep an eye out for a video that will be posted later today of how easy it is to use, but for now, here’s a few of my favourite items from her collection.

Some of these photos were taken by the talented Lize from Lilac Photography