Since James was a little boy (well he is still very little but you know what I mean), i found myself walking into Earthchild very often. Their organic clothing is just so soft to the touch and they always have the most beautiful designs available. Clothes kids could play in. They can get get the clothes as dirty as possible and it washes out perfectly. That’s where quality plays a massive role!

I love their “Essentials” range. (The “Buy any two for R280” deal). A variety of colors and i promise you, you will grab one of each! Their jeans are always so trendy and we have been wearing #ECStyle jeans for almost 2 years now. Their clothing is made to last and i have so many pieces that was passed down to Jaxson and they look brand spankin’ new.

What I love most is how comfy James (and Jaxson) finds the clothing. Breathable, soft and fitted just right – Earthchild really has your kids best interest at heart. In store, you will find super friendly staff and very organized clothing rails, something that is definitely a big YES to me. Nothing is worse than a messy, dark store with unfriendly people to assist. All around, EC has been one of our favorites for years and I’m pretty sure they will stay a favorite for many more years to come.