You all know me by now. I am honest and if i don’t like something or someone, I will tell you. This review would have been pretty negative but then something happened THAT day.


It was one of those days where you wanted to leave the screaming baby in the room and lock the door, go cry in your own room and eat an entire slab of chocolate. It was one of those days where nothing consoled him and I was at my wits end. This hammock did not really work so well as I thought it would, but it was the only thing I didn’t try that day. I put him in the hammock, tears streaming down my face and started bouncing him. He started becoming quieter. Wait what? Was this thing working? He got more and more quiet and i watched his eyes get heavy. He started to sleep. Huh?? Have i been using this thing all wrong?? Probably. Since that day, i gave it another go.

I had to get my editing and work done as my clients were getting impatient. So i tried this hammock every time i knew it was 20 minutes or so until nap time. You know, when they start getting edgy? I lay him in this beautiful organic hammock, start bouncing it quite hecticly and he starts to settle. Then i bounce it lightly while i edit, and before i know it, he is fast asleep. The bouncing motion really puts him to sleep so quick and painless, no crying, no fussing. I attached my LittleMe Decor high-contrast dangles to it as well. He is addicted to those dangles, I swear! You can try get his attention when he is staring at them but I can guarantee you, he won’t even look your way.


So yes, this is a positive review. This hammock has saved my sanity. Forget those bright bouncers and rockers. This neutral beauty looks gorgeous in any home, it snuggles your baby so he feels secure and there is some kind of sleepy potion they put in there. The stand is quite bulky so if you have a spacious home it’s fine, otherwise, just buy your own hook and mount it to the wall.

Thank you Kulala Baba for giving me my sanity back on days i need it most!