I’m Offended.

Yeah, everyone is lately, lady. I have always been a person to tell you the truth and tell you if you wrong or if you right. Just because you are my friend, family member or some big shot, does not mean you do not need to hear it. You might not like me, but you will thank me later on for saying something to you that might have offended you in the slightest way.


I have always voiced my opinion and you guys seem to like that – I mean look where I am after 3 years now, I must be doing something right? Everyone get’s too offended too quickly lately. Did social media do that? Did social media make us all insecure? The question is: WHY does it offend you? Is there truth behind it, do you feel a little guilty?

I dare you, post a quote. Any quote. You will get 10 people gossiping about it, screen-shotting it and sending it to their friends, people guessing if it’s them you referring to and then you get messages from fake accounts telling you how horrible you are saying stuff about person X. But in real life, outside of social media, it was just a quote. A quote you stumbled on that you found funny or true and you reposted it. Who knew the shit storm that would erupt?


Gosh, I remember being crucified for doing a monochrome room for James. “Where is the colour, poor child, you need to dress him in colour, his room needs colour” Yes, it stung at first but did it offend? No. it was MY choice. My choice and I believed in my decision, so why would it offend me?

ESPECIALLY THOSE MOMMY GROUPS!! (it’s hilarious, to be honest.)

Breastfeeding offends people

Formula feeding offends people

Ways of birth offend people

How you cut your kid’s hair offends people

How you dress offends people

When you stand up for your friends it offends people

How much sugar you give your child offends people

Quotes offend people



I laugh in the face of “offence” – muhaha! Why? Because why on earth would I let myself be annoyed by the opinion of others when I know the truth?

And if I do get upset, we must think why. Why are YOU feeling offended? I’m not saying you should just “get over it” when someone is rude to you or says something that might offend you. But rather to evaluate it further. Self-acceptance plays a massive role – you need to accept your good and your bad. Admit your wrongs and celebrate your rights. Sometimes we need to hear what others have to say – without immediately throwing knives.


We all constantly told to support each other no matter what. I don’t necessarily agree with that – because if you are doing something wrong or if I am worried about you, I will tell you. How we respond to that though, is on us. “People aren’t yelling out offences, they’re yelling out what they think, and we choose to be offended by it. Right or wrong on their part, we get to decide our own response.”

Face it: we aren’t all perfect. We cannot all be kind, perfect and supporting all the time. We all have struggles, bad days and insecurities. So yes, people will say something you don’t like BUT the point is that you can choose how you react, isn’t that so cool?

You know, I have had so many knives thrown in my back. How I react to it, is ultimately my choice. Those knives could have buried me but here I am, standing with my head held high and not taking offence to childish crap.

As a mom (or human being) you are bound to make mistakes that you will be called out on and sometimes that sucks, but you know, let’s change how we react. Life is way too short to spend it unhappy.

I am not saying you should not stand up for yourself when being really bullied or beaten, but that’s a post for another day.