Little One baby contacted me ages ago asking to review some of their goodies. It was roundabout the time Jaxson was due and life just so incredibly crazy. (I profusely apologize for only getting this up now!) You will see in these images Jaxson looks much smaller, well he was one month (i think?) around the time I took these pics and yes at 5 months old I am finally having this brand up on my blog.



Rameeza Dawood is the proud owner of Little One and everything they create is proudly South African. They have a range of trendy, colorful beautiful double sided cotton blankets, bibs, burp cloths, pacifier clips, feeding rings and baby changing mats. They also make those cool pillow beds for kids to lounge around and read or watch TV on.

We received a gorgeous set (seen below) and put it to the test. Now let me just tell you, everything you see here has impeccable quality. The fabric is so soft, the stitching is done so perfectly and the design just works so well. These are all elements I look for when reviewing a material products.


And of course… does it even work?

#1 : The bibs have towelling underneath so if you have a little drooler – these bibs are for you!

#2 : The blanket is the perfect size and I love the fact that it is double sided – something so unique and different. It’s also not too thick but not thin either, so can be used all year around.

#3 : The burp cloths are easy to throw over your shoulder when you burp your little one and it catches those nasty sour burps that you get after a nice full feed. Just keep it close because if you forget it, like I did a couple of times, you will have to change your outfit… #NoTimeForThat #MomLife


#4 : What I like most about it all,are the sets. You buy these in a set where the patterns and colors match, a perfect babyshower gift don’t you think? View the link below to see all their beautiful options :

In short : This brand rocks. The quality, the price, the ethics and morals behind the brand and of course, the owner is pretty awesome too 😉 #KindPeopleAreMyKindaPeople