The Maxi Cosi Opal Review : Why we love our Maxi Cosi Opal

Our car has no Isofix points and that pretty much sucks. Every car seat lately comes out with an Isofix base and it’s a struggle to find a GOOD quality seat I can just strap into our car. (And no, getting a car with Isofix points was not the answer.) I present to you, the Opal car seat from Maxi Cosi.

It straps in very securely going around the top of the seat and through the bottom and even has two clips to strap it even tighter. The Maxi-Cosi Opal is a combination baby/toddler seat (Group 0+/1) that is used rear facing at birth till 13kgs in weight and then it can be switched round to be forward facing for a further 5kgs (up to 18kgs or 4 years old, whichever comes first). We obviously have it rear facing and intend to keep it that way until it’s necessary to turn him around. (Definitely, not before 15 months which is mandatory, #carseatsafety is important!)

Here is a video about how to strap it in properly:

It has a five-point harness and straps Jaxson in very securely. I loosen the belt to strap him in and after he is clipped in, I pull the belt tight to make sure he is properly secured. Jaxson hates being faffed with so this is the easiest and fastest way to get him into his seat. There is rubber on the straps going over their shoulders to make sure the straps don’t slip down, which I think is a super cool little feature. James’ straps used to slip down all the time and it frustrated me so much! (Wish I did proper research when James was a baby!)

It has harness hooks on the sides as well to make putting your baby in so much easier. Just hook the straps and no more digging for straps and clips after your baby is already sitting in the seat.

The Maxi-Cosi Opal has to accommodate older toddlers as well as infants and the adjustable width and height adjustments mean that this seat truly will grow with your child. With a simultaneously adjustable headrest and harness (operated with a button behind the headrest), there are 6 settings to choose from meaning there will always be a comfortable position for your child. To adjust the width you simply need to twist the grey dial and the wings of the seat angle outwards to ensure the right. The width adjustment on the Opal is easy to use and we love this feature as so many car seats can only be adjusted in terms of height.

Jaxson seems very comfortable in it and has not had a car seat tantrum once. (TOUCH WOOD!!) I do have a Little Interiors High Contrast Stimulation aid hanging on the seat in front of his though so he does not get too bored just sitting there.

( High Contrast Stimulation aid available here:

And leg space? No problem! So far he has more than enough leg room and he looks super content in his seat. He loves staring out the window and more often than not, he has a good old nap while we drive.

I am very impressed with our seat and going to be quite bummed when he outgrows it. Then again, no seat should last you up to 7 years. So when he outgrows this one, we will purchase the Maxi-Cosi Rodifix which will last until he is 12 years or 150cm. I will not buy one that is made for 0 months – 7 years simply because they are not the safest option ( although you think you saving a lot of money in the long run.).  Rather do your research thoroughly before deciding what seat to buy in regards to car seat safety. But that topic is for a whole different blog post…

OH AND THE BEST PART…. This seat is on a massive sale at Baby City for R2999! That’s a saving of R1600 – freaking bargain people.

Check out Maxi Cosi’s Facebook page here :

Do you love Maxi Cosi as much as we do? Which seat do you own?